Version 1.6.15
Released by raoulvdberge
Date released 2019-07-21
Minecraft version 1.12.2
Changelog Fixed recipes with more than 1 bucket of fluid not transferring from JEI (Darkere)
Fixed oredict crafting patterns redefining recipes (Darkere)
Fixed Portable Grids not keeping their enchantments when placed (Darkere)
Shortened crafting text for the Russion translation to fix Grid overlays (yaroslav4167)
Fixed JEI hotkeys not working on fluid filter slots (raoulvdberge)
Fixed crash when opening Crafter Manager with FTB Quests installed (raoulvdberge)
GregTech Community Edition Wires and Machines are now banned from rendering on Refined Storage patterns because they are causing crashes (raoulvdberge/Darkere)
Fixed a bug where the container slots weren't synced when opening a Grid (raoulvdberge)