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Version 1.0.3
Released by raoulvdberge
Date released 09/17/2016
Minecraft version 1.10.2
Fixed item loading issue (raoulvdberge)
Added integration for Forge energy (raoulvdberge)
Solderer now accepts items from any side, allowing easier automation (raoulvdberge)
Solderer is now intelligent about items in slots, and will only accept an item if it is part of a recipe (raoulvdberge)
Changed recipe for upgrades in the Solderer, they now just take 1 of the unique item instead of 2, using redstone instead (raoulvdberge)
Fixed fluid autocrafting scheduling too much crafting tasks for buckets (raoulvdberge)
Fixed blocks in hand facing wrong direction (raoulvdberge)
Updated to Forge 2088 (raoulvdberge)