Version 1.0.5
Released by raoulvdberge
Date released 2016-09-21
Minecraft version 1.10.2
Changelog Fixed crafting a complex item causes the process to flow off the Crafting Monitor's GUI (raoulvdberge)
Fixed shift clicking from Grid when player inventory is full throwing items in the world (raoulvdberge)
Importer now takes a Destruction Core, and Exporter a Construction Core (raoulvdberge)
Added Disk Manipulator (way2muchnoise)
Added ingame config (way2muchnoise)
Added the ability to see the output of a Pattern by holding shift (raoulvdberge)
When a machine is in use by a crafting pattern, inserting of items from other patterns will be avoided (raoulvdberge)
Exporter in fluid mode and Fluid Interface no longer duplicates fluids that are less than 1 bucket (raoulvdberge)
Changed default Grid sorting type to quantity (raoulvdberge)
Updated Dutch translation (raoulvdberge)
Updated Chinese translation (TartaricAcid)