4096k Fluid Storage Block Since: 0.9

The 4096k Fluid Storage Block is a block that provides the system with storage. It is similar to the Fluid Storage Disk, but can be placed in the world.

When breaking the 4096k Fluid Storage Block, the fluids that it holds persist, so you won't lose any of your fluids.

The 4096k Fluid Storage Block won't despawn when dropped in the world.


A (negative or positive) priority can be chosen (where a higher priority gets higher precedence to place items in).

Whitelist and blacklist

There is also a whitelist and blacklist option to only allow or forbid some fluid from entering the 4096k Fluid Storage Block.

The whitelist or blacklist can be configured to be NBT or damage sensitive.


The 4096k Fluid Storage Block has support for the following modes:

  • Insert and extract (default)
  • Insert only
  • Extract only


Sneak and right click while holding the empty 4096k Fluid Storage Block to retrieve the various parts back:


The 4096k Fluid Storage Block can store 4096.000 millibuckets or 4096 buckets of any fluid.