What is autocrafting?

With autocrafting you can make your storage system craft automatically. Autocrafting requests can be done straight from any Grid. They can also be automated with the Crafter.

A minimal setup

Craft following blocks and items (in order) to have a basic autocrafting setup:

In a Pattern you'll be storing the recipe of each craftable item, so the storage system knows how to craft the item.

You can assign a crafting recipe to a Pattern by using a Pattern Grid.

Note that every dependant recipe needs a Pattern as well, so, if you want to autocraft chests you'd need a pattern for the chest but for the wooden planks as well (if you already have plenty of wooden planks, and Refined Storage can just extract them from your system, the wooden planks pattern isn't really required, but note that as soon as you run out of planks Refined Storage will not be able to transform logs to planks).

The Crafter is the actual block that will craft the item. In this block, you have to insert the patterns=Pattern you created in the Pattern Grid.

The player can then request the item through any kind of Grid. When requesting an item, Refined Storage will first ask how many of that item you want to craft. Then, it will show you what items it will take or craft. If you have missing items, the crafting task will only be startable if you press CTRL + SHIFT.

Once the crafting has started, the Crafter will take all the items required. When a required item is not found in the system, it will try to schedule a subtask to craft that item.

However, if the missing item doesn't have a Pattern in the system, the player will have to create that Pattern and insert it into a Crafter or insert the missing item manually in the system. If you do this, give the Crafter some time to reschedule the task, this usually takes less than 10 seconds.

I think the autocrafting is slow!

It is possible to make the crafting process SIGNIFICANTLY faster by inserting speed upgrades=Speed Upgrade in the Crafter.

Also make sure to get your items back in the system in a timely manner. If you're using an Importer or Interface to get the items back, adding speed upgrades=Speed Upgrade is beneficial.

Processing crafting tasks

Sometimes you want to set up autocrafting for recipes that don't have a regular crafting recipe. For example: autocrafting an iron ingot by putting iron ore in a furnace.

In Minecraft 1.10 and 1.11

Create a Processing Pattern Encoder. In that block, you assign a series of input items and a series of output items to a Pattern.

For example: for the iron ingot, you stick an iron ore in the input section, and an iron ingot in the output section.

In Minecraft 1.12

Use a Pattern Grid and create a pattern while the "processing" checkbox is checked. Then, you'll assign a series of input items and a series of output items to a Pattern.

For example: for the iron ingot, you stick an iron ore in the input section, and an iron ingot in the output section.

How to use the processing pattern

Next up, you'll have to make a Crafter and let it face the furnace (or whatever machine you're setting up processing for) in a way it can input it in the correct slot. Then stick a Importer on the bottom face of the furnace to suck up the final iron ingot and finish the crafting task.

You can use any device to suck items in the system. Refined Storage sees the processing crafting task as finished as soon as the item is inserted through any way in the system.

Always keep a certain amount of items in stock

In Minecraft 1.11 and 1.12

Create an Interface with a Crafting Upgrade in it. Then specify the items that you want to keep in stock.

Then, create an External Storage and put it on the Interface. Make sure the External Storage is in "extract-only" mode.

In Minecraft 1.10

This can be done by using a combination of the Detector and the Crafter.

Simply put the Crafter in "Schedule task on redstone signal" mode, and set the Detector to output a redstone signal when you have less than a certain item stored.

Fluid autocrafting

When you have a recipe that requires a filled bucket with any fluids, and that bucket isn't available in the system, Refined Storage is able to take an empty bucket from your storage system and fill it with the required fluid from your fluid storage.

Make sure the required fluid is in your fluid storage and you have a bucket in your system (you can also add a crafting pattern for it).

When doing the autocraft, Refined Storage will take the bucket from your system, fill it, craft with it, and give you an empty bucket back.

This also works for water bottles. You need at least 1 bucket of water available in the fluid storage, and RS won't use up the water (filling water bottles manually doesn't use up water too).


When the same Pattern (exact same one) is used throughout different crafters=Crafter, Refined Storage will distribute the items used for crafting evenly over all inventories.