The Interface is a block that acts as a combination of the Importer and the Exporter.


Let's talk about the difference between an Importer and the Interface for importing.

The Importer needs to be connected to an inventory to import items or fluids. It has no internal inventory and you can't insert items directly to the Importer.

In comparison with the Importer the Interface has an internal inventory to receive items and import them (through piping, hoppers, etc). That internal inventory is accessable by opening the GUI and looking at the slots under "Interface Import").

The Interface does NOT suck items from adjacent inventories automatically, you have to actually insert them in the Interface through piping, hoppers, etc.


There is also an option for exporting items from the system. These items can be piped out through a piping system from another mod, hoppers, etc.

It can be configured to be NBT, damage and oredict sensitive.

To clear an exported item configuration use SHIFT and click on the item to clear. Use the left and right mouse buttons to increment or decrement the amount that has to be exported.

In Minecraft 1.12

If no export items are set, the entire RS storage inventory will be made available as a regular inventory for extracting with pipes etc.

Filter controls

Type Description
Left click Increases by 1
Right click Decreases by 1
SHIFT + left click Clear filter slot

Applicable upgrades