OpenComputers API

Method Description
isConnected():boolean Whether the node is connected.
getEnergyUsage():number Gets the energy usage of this network.
getTasks():table Gets the crafting tasks of this network.
getPatterns():table Gets the patterns of this network.
hasPattern(stack:table):boolean Whether a crafting pattern exists for this item.
getPattern(stack:table):table Gets a pattern of this network.
getMissingItems(stack:table[, count: number]):table Gets a list of missing items for a crafting task.
scheduleTask(stack:table[, count: number]) Schedules a crafting task.
cancelTask(stack:table):number Cancels a task and returns the amount of tasks cancelled.
extractFluid(stack:table[, amount:number[, direction:number]]):table Extracts a fluid from the network.
getFluid(stack:table):table Gets a fluid from the network.
getFluids():table Gets a list of all fluids in this network.
extractItem(stack:table[, count:number[, direction:number]]):table Extracts an item from the network.
getItem(stack:table[, compareMeta:boolean[, compareNBT:boolean]]):table Gets an item from the network.
getItems():table Gets a list of all items in this network.
getStorages():table Gets a list of all connected storage disks and blocks in this network.