Pro tips

  1. Learn your Grid controls! The Grid is the block that you will use the most, so learning it's shortcuts and controls is beneficial
  2. If your autocrafting is too slow, remember that you can use the Speed Upgrade in a Crafter to improve speed!
  3. Did you know that you can insert filters in a Grid? And if you provide an icon and name, they get turned into tab so you can use tabs in your Grid!
  4. You can hide RS cables using MCMultiPart
  5. Using filters in a Grid is better if you want to filter always (or with tabs), but for quick filtering it's a good idea to learn the Grid search bar syntax
  6. An underutilized block in RS are the Reader and Writer blocks, using them is a good idea if you already have a big RS network
  7. Don't connect an External Storage to big or huge inventories (CollosalChests for example)! You will make RS do too much bookkeeping for all these slots and performance will degrade
  8. When just starting out, it's a good idea to setup around 3 solderers and start mass-producing printed processors and processors, this will make crafting initial blocks and items less tedious
  9. Use the various addons to your advantage
  10. RS has a wireless item for almost every network-facing block, make use of them to improve your storage interactions (Wireless Grid, Wireless Fluid Grid, Wireless Crafting Monitor)
  11. Is the range of the Wireless Transmitter with range upgrades too short? You're supposed to spread them out in your world to have more range!
  12. Using Network Transmitter and Network Receiver blocks for long network distance transmitting? Remember that you can connect one or multiple wireless transmitters on the other end as well for utilizing your wireless gear there as well
  13. Disk Manipulator too slow? You're supposed to use a Stack Upgrade along with multiple speed upgrades.
  14. Use the Security Manager to protect your network against evil people on a server!
  15. Want to turn off various sections of your network or save power more efficiently? Use a Relay
  16. Almost every block in RS has a redstone control, so when starting out early it might be helpful to put every block in redstone-only mode for power consumption
  17. Like to use bags? Consider using the Portable Grid instead, it's essentially a super-bag, which blends in with your RS system
  18. Want to do complicated automation and like using computers? RS has OpenComputers integration
  19. Automating the Solderer is more trivial than you might think
  20. Do you have a bunch of unused patterns? Use SHIFT + right click to clear them
  21. You can put the Filter item in the Exporter, Importer or any Refined Storage device to get additional filtered items
  22. Read the changelogs! If you use RS a lot in your world it might be important to know what changes every version
  23. An Interface without export slots configured will expose the entire RS inventory as a normal item inventory