Project E integration

Refined Storage has integration with Project E.

If Project E is installed, RS does two things:

  • add an EMC value to Solderer items
  • add the ability to connect an External Storage to a Project E Transmutation Table
    • items inserted into the system will get burned into EMC
      • if an item can't be burned or doesn't have an EMC value assigned to it, you won't be able to insert and it will attempt the next available storage, depending on your priority configuration
      • the Grid will auto-learn items that the Project E system hasn't learned yet upon inserting
    • items extracted from the system will get created from EMC
      • the Grid will display all learned items
      • the item count of each learned item is the available amount (which is the EMC cost of said item / total EMC)
    • the EMC is based off the player who placed the External Storage